C AllStar A Hundred Times [結他chord譜]

曲:Chan Kwong Wing    詞:Jeff Li         KeyF# (Capo 1 > Play F)       2/4       Arranged by Camille Lam

the sun on the horizon
slowly slips away
the tears inside my eyes
are falling down my face
you said I'll always love you,
my heart'll never change,
I'll always stay the same
ut it's always just the same
|Bb C |Am Dm |
ooh , ooh

you say our love is over
you feel so far away
             |Gm                  |C         |C 
but we'll fall in love again

                  |F                        |Bb
my heart it breaks a hundred times
               |Am                          |Dm
when you leave our love behind
     |Bb               |F
but I'll keep on holding on
      |Gm                        |C
I'll never leave your side
             |F                               |Bb
I'll stay awake a hundred nights
           |Am                             |Dm
just to hold you when you cry
     |Bb               |F
so I'll keep on holding on still
|Gm                        C                           |F
if you say goodbye( ) a hundred times ( )

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匿名 提到...

想問問有冇Capo version thanks

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想問問有冇Capo version thanks x2

匿名 提到...

@樓上兩位 :)

In its original key, its not possible to avoid the barre chords with a capo (its meant to be played with capo already - key in F#) XD

Only three barre chords to practice (Bb, F & Gm) 各位加油!
Great song to practice with just a guitar and your voice, make it your motivation to learn those barre chords!

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Niv Wong 提到...


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