TickTock Museum We Are Getting Close [guitar tab]

曲: Summer Tso  詞: TickTock Museum & Rabbit Chiu Key:E Arranged By Kermit Tam

Capo 2 > Play D

|Gmaj7 F#m7 |Em Bm11
|Gmaj7 F#m7 |Em Bm11
|Gmaj7 F#m7 |Em Bm11
 |Gmaj7     F#m7   |Em7    Bm11
  ( )The afternoon sunshine remind me of the time
|Gmaj7      F#m7     |Em7  Bm11
  ( )Your Blur image once again and slip into my mind

|Gmaj7    F#m7 |Em7       Bm11
  ( )I dreamt to be, to be closer to you in every way
|Gmaj7    F#m7  |Em7        Cadd9
  ( )And now I see, on the stage where I can find my place
Like you see today

|Gmaj7    F#m7     |Em7   Bm11
  ( )Don't be left behind, our dream surround by my side
|Gmaj7   F#m7 |Em7  Bm11
  ( )I want to fly, to the sky, I'll try

|Gmaj7 F#m7 |Em7 Bm11
|Gmaj7 F#m7 |Em7 Bm11

|Gmaj7     F#m7 |Em7   Bm11
  ( )After years of dreaming I never let it go
|Gmaj7      F#m7 |Em7    Bm11
  ( )Slowly I see the light, which lead me closer to you

|Gmaj7   F#m7 |Em7         Bm11
 Love fills my soul, but me and you are feeling so cold
|Gmaj7   F#m7   |Em7      Cadd9
  ( )Singing along, I know nothing ever will go wrong
Through this song

|Gmaj7    F#m7     |Em7    Bm11
  ( )Don't be left behind, our dream surround by my side
|Gmaj7   F#m7 |Em7 Bm11
  ( )I want to fly, to the sky, I'll try



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