The Script The Man Who Can't Be Moved [Guitar Tab + Intro]

Intro and Verse Tab(easy):
   |Bb       |Bb/A       |Eb       |Eb

Intro and Verse Tab(Same Sound but different position):   
   |Bb       |Bb/A       |Eb       |Eb 

  |Bb          |Bb/A
Go(ing) Back to the corner where (I) first saw you
 | Eb            |Eb
Gon(na) camp in my sleeping bag I'm (not) gonna move
  |Bb          |Bb/A
Got (some) words on cardboard, got (your) picture in my hand
 | Eb            |Eb
Saying( ), "If you see this girl can you (tell) her where I am?"
  |Bb          |Bb/A
Some try to( ) hand me money, they don't( ) understand
 | Eb            |Eb
I'm not ( )broke I'm just a (bro)ken hearted man
  |Bb          |Bb/A
I know it( ) makes no sense but what else( ) can I do
 | Eb            |Eb
( )How can I move on when I'm (still) in love with you

       |Bb                                      |F
Cos if (one) day you wake up and find that (you're) missin me
          |Cm                                      |Eb
And your (heart) starts to wonder where on this (earth) I could be
        |Bb                                       |F
Thinkin (may)be you'll come back here to the (place) that we'd meet
            |Cm                                |Eb
And you'll (see) me waiting for you on the (corn)er of the street
            |Bb     |F       |Cm    |Eb
So I'm not (mov)ing  ( )Im not (mov)ing ( )



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