BONBON Journey of Unknown (歐遊全細界主題曲) [結他chord譜]

曲:LEECAT & GIGI WONG 詞:LEECAT HO Key:C 4/4 Arranged By Kermit Tam

 |Cadd9    |Cadd9|
2' 2' 2' 1' 5 1' 2' 2' 2' 3' 7  
|Cadd9      |Cadd9|
2' 2' 2' 1' 5 1'  2' 2' 2'

I (Dream),
     |F    G
Dream about it (ev)ery (night)
Some (day),
      |F     G
for some reasons (I) will fly a(way)

Set me (free),
   G    |Em   Am
let me (fly) high and (touch) the (sky)
  |F      D
No (matter) where you (are)
I still be(lieve)

   |F     G
Such a (small) small (world),
  |Em   Am
Such a (ti)ny pla(net)
   |F    Fm |Dm   C
We are (all) children (of) the (stars) and (time).

   |F     G
Such a (small) small (world),
  |Em      A7
such a (jour)ney of un(known)
  |F      D
You (al)ways stand by (me)
stay in my (heart)

Let's (say) Hello,
to every strangers that we (meet)
  |F    C
It's a (sea)son of (love),
   |Dm    G
let smile (be) our lang(uage)

  |C     G    |Am  F#dim
Some(where) some(how) we will (unit)ed as (one)
Look (at) the sky,
 |Dm   G  |C
may (sun)shine (be) our (pride)



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