Keira Knightley A Step You Cant Take Back [Begin Again Soundtrack]


建議掃法↓_ _ _  ↓_ _↑ _↑↓_↓_ ↑ 
或拍板: T(123)x(123) _ _ X (123)

 D G A   D G A  
( )    
                D           G
So you (find) your(self)       
at the (sub)way With     
       D                G
your (world) in a (bag)        
|              A
by your (side) And all   
     D              G
at (once) what (seemed)       
like a (good )way       
You rea(lize) is the
G              A
(end) of the (line)     
    G                          G  
For (what) it's worth  

D                           G           
()Here comes the  (train) Upon the
D                                G      
(track) There goes  the (pain) It cuts   
to black () Are you       
ready for the last (act) To        
     |      D          A    G
take a (step) You
                    D    A      G
can't take (back)  
|           D                 G      
Taken (all) the (punches)    
|          A
you (could) take Took     
        D   G
them (all) (right) on the  
|       A
the (chin) And though 
        D         G
the (cam)el's (back)   
is (break)ing 
D   G      A    

(Again)  () (again)   for
what it's worth  

  Bm        E  
()Did she (love) you?
 A         D         Bm  
(Did) she (take) you (down)?        
                 Em      A
Was she (on) her (knees)          
                        D               Bm
when she (kissed) your (crown)?        
                  E              A        
Tell me (what) you (found)   

 D         G            Em  
()Here (comes) the (rain)    
       A                 D
So (hold) your hat ()         
And don't (pray) to
  Em                 A
(god) Cause he (won't )     
talk (back) Are you 
ready (for) the last
   Em   A       G      A
(act) To (take) a (step)            
You can't take (back)
A       G
(back) (back) You cant     
        D       A       G
take (back) (back) (back )  
             D        G
So you (find) your(self)     
at the (sub)way With     
         D          G
your (world) in a (bag)        
by your (side)



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