Kelly Clarkson Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Guitar Tab]

|G        Em7  |Am7           D7
(Have) your(self) a (mer)ry little (Christ)mas
|G         Em7  |Am7        D7
 ( ) Let your heart be ( )    light  ( )
|G         Em7     |Am7                
( )From now (on) our (trou)bles will be 
  D7           |B7   E7  A7  D  |D7
(out) of sight

|G        Em7  |Am7           D7
(Have) your(self) a (mer)ry little (Christ)mas
|G         Em7  |Am7      D7
    ( )Make the Yuletide ( )gay   ( )
|G         Em7     |Am7               
( )From now (on) our (trou)bles will be 
|B7      Em   |G  G7
(miles) a(way)

|Cmaj7                  |Bm
    ( ) Here were are as in (old)en days
       |Am          D7  |Gmaj7
happy (gold)en days( ) of (yore)
|Em         F#7               |Bm        Bm7
 ( ) Faithful (friend)s who are dear to us ( )
       |D          Am7   D   D7
gather (near) to us  once (more)

|G           Em7      |Am7           D7
( )Through the years we all will be together
|G      Em7  |Am7  D7
( )If the (Fate)s (a)llow ( )
|G      Em7     |Am7           B7 |Em |G  G7
( )Hang a (shin)ing (star) upon the (high)est bough( )
    |Cmaj7            Am7           |D7          G
And (have) yourself a (merry) little (Christ)mas (now).

|G Em7 |Am7 D7|
|G Em7 |Am7 D7|



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